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Hi, I'm Dr. Tara, a research-based sex and relationship coach.

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Hi! My name is Dr. Tara Suwinyattichaiporn and I'm a professor of relational and sexual communication

Want to talk about your sexual fantasies? Want to work on your sexual confidence?

Uncertain about a current or potential relationship?

Flustered from never having an orgasm or feeling aroused?

These are some of the most common issues that we can work on together.

While talking to your friends/family about your sex and relationship problems is available, it's NOT always healthy. That's why I created LUVBITES. A space for all sex and relationship questions

answered by yours truly, Dr. Tara.


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Coaching Session

I provide new-age sex and relationship advice based on research.


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Group Workshops

& Presentations

I can host group workshops and presentations on sex and relationship topics including:

  • Sexual Confidence

  • Sexual Communication

  • Five Steps to Sexual Mindfulness

  • Parent-Child Communication

Guest Speaking

I can speak at your next event, Podcast, class, training session, or public forums.


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