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Hi, I'm Dr. Tara, a research-based sex and relationship coach.

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Hi! My name is Dr. Tara Suwinyattichaiporn.

I'm a tenured professor of Relational and Sexual communication, and your trusted Sex & Relationship Coach.

I strongly believe that your sexual confidence comes from within and that energy improves all facets of life.

Become sexually powerful - I will help you become your best sexual self and a competent partner.

Sex and relationship can be confusing and social media is full of fake advice. That's why I started Luvbites, to offer you listening ears and unbiased, openminded, non-judgmental advice based on research.

You can become sexually powerful.

You can unlock your sexual fantasies.

You can create consistent sexual desires.

You can enhance your connection with your partner.

You can have an amazing sex life that's fulfilling and passionate.

I'm here to guide you through your sexual (re)discoveries!


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Coaching Session

I provide new-age sex and relationship advice based on research.


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Group Workshops

& Presentations

I can host group workshops and presentations on sex and relationship topics including:

  • Sexual Confidence

  • Sexual Communication

  • Sexual Mindfulness

Guest Speaking

I can speak at your next event, Podcast, class, training session, or public forums.


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