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This is my very personal store and you'll find the best products and services that I have tried and would recommend to friends and family.

30 Days to My Best Sexy Self: A Sexual Mindfulness Journal

This e-book will change your life. In this sexual mindfulness journal, I offer the tried and true methods to become more sexually confident. It's for everyone who wants to have the best sex life possible.


At Home Sexual Health Test - LetsGetChecked

Looking for peace of mind without the trip to the clinic? Try at-home STD testing for fast results. Start treatment discreetly with medication provided at no additional charge.

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maude - The Best Massage Candle

You've seen my Cosmopolitan article on tantric massages, right? maude has a toxic-free, skin softening gorgeous massage candle I recommend.

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überlube - High End Lube

I'm picky with lube. This is a high-end luxury lubricant. Instead of just being slippery, Überlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction. Try it out, you luxury lovers.

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Désirables - High End Porcelain G-Spot Dildo

I love toys that are body-safe with sleek delicate designs. The Dalia is one of the most beautiful dildos I've ever seen. 

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Dame - Amazing Hands-Free Vibrator

A waterproof couple’s vibrator to give you clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Eva stays put so you can focus on the moment.

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